Monday, October 22, 2007

What is Wrong with University of Michigan and Michigan State University

Harvard, Brown, Yale, Princeton, Tufts, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Northwestern and Penn State are just a few of the research universities located in states that prevent shelters from selling to research or Class B Dealers. Medical schools, veterinary schools, science and behavior programs thrive at these top tier schools, even though their states do not allow pets to be sold to research. Both the University of Michigan and Michigan State University have opposed legislation to close down Class B Dealers and stop shelters from selling to research claiming their programs would grind to a halt.

Maybe it is time that U of M and MSU join the ranks of great universities. Why can the Ivy League schools exist in states that do not allow their shelters to sell to research, while U of M and MSU fight legislation to protect our pets? Is Michigan State Veterinary College claiming that Tufts and Cornell Veterinary programs are deficient or second-class? On the other hand, are U of M and MSU refusing to move forward and stop using shelter pets for experimentation because it is what they always have done? Considering the great universities capable of continuing programs in states that prevent shelter pets from being sold to research, it seems that U of M and MSU are the second tier schools.

U of M and MSU students and alumni, contact your Board of Regents and ask your schools to support the federal Pet Safety and Protection Act that would protect pets from Class B Dealers.

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