Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bush Allows Marine Animals to be Tortured

What is President Bush thinking? Ok, that's clearly an oxymoron. Can the environment and animals survive this administration? Some days I doubt it. Today is one of those days. In an effort to thwart a Federal Court, President Bush signed an executive order exempting the Navy from environmental regulations that prevent use of sonar pings near the coast. Studies have shown that navy sonar pings torment marine life, especially large marine animals like humpback whales and certain species of sharks. To outrun the tortuous sounds, whales beach themselves, dying a terrible death of dehydration.

A federal court issued an injunction, preventing use of the sonar on the US Coast until a court case is completed. In an attempt to interfere with the Federal Court Bush issued the executive order. I know he's a member of the Flat Earth Society, actually maybe one of the old 20th century robber barons reincarnated, but is this guy capable of any compassion toward sensient beings? We must stop inflicting suffering on other beings, as humans this is our highest calling.

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