Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let's Pass The Pet Safety and Protection Act

Well, it's here, the day so many of us have worked for. Let's get down to business. The United States Congress is ready to stop stolen pets from being sold to research. Both the United States Senate and House of Representatives have pass the Pet Safety and Protection Act. Since the versions of the bills were different, they now must go the Conference Committee. Since the PSPA is part of the massive Farm Bill, it's important that it not get lost in the lobbying frenzy that the Farm Bill attracts. We need to contact the Conference Committee members and ask them to pass the United States House version of the Pet Safety and Protection Act. This is the only way to protect our pets from being sold to research.

Please contact the Conference Committee Members (start with members from your State first) and request that they support the House version of the PSPA and pass it in the joint version of the Farm Bill. Get as many friends to help and we can finally end the national tragedy of our pets being stolen for research.

House Members on the Conference Committee
Senators on the Conference Committee
More information on Pet Safety and Protection Act
More information about Class B Dealers


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