Thursday, January 17, 2008

Milford Township Residents – Hunting Public Hearing on January 30th

Fed up with rude, trespassing hunters, Milford Township residents petitioned the DNR to ban hunting on private lands. Current DNR rules allow hunting WITH PERMISSION on private lands. Either hunters are illiterate or they are just natural lawbreakers, but the concept of private land appears to be beyond the grasp of many. While I do not reside in Milford, I do have rural acerage and spend much of the fall chasing hunters off my land. One of my neighbors got home from work and there was a car in his driveway, he found a guy hunting in his backyard. The hunter actually complained about the lack of game. Needless to say, the hunter was sent on his way.

Hunters and their organizations sceam and screech about their right to hunt, their right to bear arms. Well, guess what hunters, landowners have a right to bar hunters from their property, that's in the United States Constitution (if they can actually read).
Good Luck Milford Township residents, you are facing an uphill battle. The DNR is captured by the hunting lobby and will do whatever it can to expand, not restrict hunting. So if you live in Milford Township and you are concerned about hunting issues, GO TO THE HEARING and be HEARD!

Detroit Free Press Article

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