Monday, January 14, 2008

Say No to Sushi

""60 Minutes" ran a story about the disappearing Blue Fin Tuna last night. The commercial fishing scenes were so brutal I had to change the channel. It's so very sad that profits mean more than the beauty of a school of fish swimming freely in the ocean. It's even sadder that we are allowing greed to destroy entire species of fish. Worse yet, we mutilate, terrorize and torture the poor creatures before killing them.

I became a vegetarian because of fish. Scuba diving in the Grenadines revealed the wonderous world the sea holds. Swimming in that peaceful, beautiful world made me think about what I eat. I never ate fish again and eventually, became a vegan.

Fish are remarkable and stunning creatures. Please consider forsaking sushi and marine products in favor of peace and conservation. By saying no to sushi today, your children just might get to see Blue Fin Tuna in the wild when they are adults.

CBS "60 Minutes Story"

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