Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shut Down Pollywood Parrots and Pets

Not too long ago, the Detroit Free Press investigated reports of neglect, sick animals and general nastiness at Pollywood Parrots and Pets in the Mt. Clemens Gibralter Trade Center. It was revealed that just last year there were 30 complaints to the Michigan Department of Agriculture which licenses pet shops. Here's the fact, Pollywood has been a hellhole for animals for years. It's obvious from the condition of the animals that this is solely a money making operation, it's about greed. The animals they are selling suffer. Puppies, kittens, bunnies and those poor pathetic looking birds. So the question is how does the nasty place stay in business? It's because shoppers really don't care about the conditions the “pet” they are buying live in. If they cared, they wouldn't shop there, simple as that.

Since Pollywood Parrots and Pets is all about money, wouldn't it make sense to stop the flow of cash to this business? What about the Gibralter Trade Center? They've known for years that Pollywood is a nasty hellhole, they get lots of complaints. But Gibralter chooses to keep Pollywood open. Why? It's about the money. So if you really care about the puppies, kittens, dogs, cats, bunnies and birds enslaved at Pollywood, boycott the Gibralter Trade Center. Refuse to shop there. Don't give them what they want – your money. Let them know that you will not shop there until they stop selling pets. Write Gibralter and let them know you will not give them your money. If we stick to this, Pollywood will close. Ask your friends and family to commit to this boycott and help save the animals at Pollywood Pets.

Contact information:

1 (586) 465-6440
1 (586) 465-0458
Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm
Office is open during all Weekend Public Market hours.
* Friday
12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
* Saturday
10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
* Sunday
10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.


Anonymous said...

it's not that people don't care about the condition of the pets they buy, but shelly myers lies to them and tells them they are healthier than they are. do your research. think about it, who wants to pay thousands of dollars in vet bills? no one does, but because of her lies, many people do.

Anonymous said...

What else can we do to shut this place down?

Anonymous said...

Oct 9, 2009, Anonymous, Michigan
WE NEED TO TAKE MATTERS IN OUR OWN HANDS!!!The State of Michigan Agricultural division has been contacted regarding this horrible place. I have personally talked to Dr. Steve Halstead and his staff. Basically because of our sad economy I was told "there is not enough manpower/money to investigate every pet store"!!! The State of Michigan has STOPPED inspecting pet stores to save a whopping $150,000 a year!!( yes 150 thousand ) ???? Apparently our state vet does not really care that much about animals! I could not beleive the State Veternarian has no regard for the way these animals are being treated. I have proof that Shelly Myers buys her animals from puppy mills.(If you do not know what a puppy mill is, please google it online and read the horrendous conditions these poor animals are forced to live in.) Not only does Shelley buy the dogs, she also abuses them. They stay in cages day and night with no toys, bedding, etc..The dogs have no human contact except when Shelley or her son ( David Jr.) hit them.They are forced to stand on wire cages. You often see them chewing the cage wire out of boredom or an attempt to escape. I have seen sick cats, one in particular was in a fish tank aquariam! I have seen 6 rabbits stuffed in one cage with little fruit fly looking bugs. I have credible evidence from a close witness to the store that Shelley has (and still does ) killed dogs with an IV soultion she administers herself! The "store mascot" bird has been hit by David Myers Jr.( Shelley's son )on numerous occasions. I have also witnessed him open a dog cage and smack the dog in the face for barking too much!I do have some pictures I was able to take with my cell phone before I was kicked out! If you visit this place and even remotely act suspicious or concerned for the animals, they will have you thrown out by security! (Do not stare at the animals and look upset or let them see u take pictures)The only solution is to take action against this monster ( and her son ) ourselves!! Shelly Myers lives in Richmond.....smaller town...I was thinking about posting flyers around town to let people know their neighbor Shelly Myers buys animals from puppy mills and sells them in her disgusting store-Maybe she would love to hear from people that do not support her or her store? Shelley's home address is: 74301 Memphis Ridge Rd. Richmond, MI 48062 Her son, David Myers Jr.( dob- 6/23/81 ) is a basketball star for the Detroit Panthers.( sf #10 ) Gee I wonder if the Panthers know they have a 6'7 animal abuser on the team? You can write or let the Panthers know you did not support Michal Vick and you do not support this monster either! Not a good role model for our children! Detroit Panthers Basketball 199 W. Brown St Suite 110 Birmingham, MI 48009 248-594-7526 248-920-0482- Fax Also do not support the Gibralter Trade Center! Shelley pays the owner Bob $1000 a week to rent her spot in the building. This is not much money to Shelley since she charges outrageous prices for sick puppies from puppy mills! You can write to Girbralter or call and let them know you will not support Shelley Meyers and refuse to shop there. Gibralter Trade Center 237 N. River Rd. Mt. Clemens,MI 48043 (586) 465-6440 Or if you would like to personally pay a visit to Shelley and see the condition of her store, you can find her at: Pollywood Pets, Inc ( in the Gibralter Trade Center ) East Wall- 06 Inside blue entrance #5 or give her a call at (586) 469-4141 Don't forget your camera but don't get caught!

Anonymous said...

I was at Gibraltar a couple days ago, it was very sad how multiple dogs were kept in cages together, some fighting, one dog was walking around. Isn't there food served at this place, I would think the health dept. should be notified. I called animal control that day on them. My friend saw the one dog just walking down an aisle, she picked it up and brought it back to a man that yelled at her, "PUT THE DOG DOWN."

April said...

Please contact me if you would like to take action against Pollywood. I believe there are enough people who have been taken advantage of by Shelly Myers's foul business practices or are just sick of seeing the animals suffer that legal action can be taken.

Tightwad Gazette said...

My daughter bought a kitten from Pollywood Pets at Gilbrator yesterday, it turns out the kitten is quite ill and was neglected. It is 3 months old and weighs only one pound. Why isnt anything being done to shut this store down. It is awful. I spoke with both the owner, Shelly and her son and they need to be put out of business. I can be reached at

Anonymous said...

i had just bought a puggle puppy from pollywood pets in gibraltar trade center. i contacted shelly within 24 hrs of buying the puppy because our new puppy wouldnt eat, wouldnt drink, and had uncontrollable bowel movements. she kept the puppy overnight. she claimed that she had the puppy on an iv all night and that the puppy had been to excited to eat from being in a new home. i took it upon myself to take the puppy to the vet. i found out that the puppy has parvo and she is in a very serious condition. the puppy we bought was in a very small cage with two other puppies. i called shelly to let her know how sick our puppy was and that the other puppies most likely have this fatal disease. She wont answer our phone calls or even call us back. we dont know what to do, but the vet bills are outrageous and our puppy might not even live through this. we have bought our puppy only three days ago. please help. you can contact me at: thanks so much

patricia said...

Please let me know what I can do to shut this horrible place down. The pets are shaking. Dirty. No water. I could go on and on and on. I am sick right now, my heart hurts. I cannot NOT do anything about this. Please let's all get together and we CAN do something.

Mar Grannan said...

I received a message from a dog rescuer in the MT Clemens area that a young woman who took pictures of three dead dogs in cages was forced to erase those pictures by "police." It sounds as if the security people could have been the "police." In any event there has been a fresh uproar in the area, and I will refer all concerned to this blog while I continue my own investigation. I'm in the San Francisco area. Has anyone local contacted PETA or the local humane society regarding this woman?

Anonymous said...

Join us!

Anonymous said...

So u guys know i have been working for shelly for 4 months now and i seen how thing r ran i wake up every day 7 days a week at 8 am for work in there srubing the cages feeding and watering giveing baths every day just thus month alone w have had the vet in for helth check all animals have come back healthy im 21 years old and worked at an animal hospitle and i think we take pretty good care of them dogs i will emite when i was hired in the girl that work for shelly was lazy half assed and didnt take care of the dogs like she should of my as a dog lover i wasnot gana have that so the girl that was working there for 8 years is no longer working there so i know for a face that these dog. Are getting every thing they need because im the one takeing care of them i want to see u guys come in and do the shit i do and watch how it is clean all of u guys r just ignerent and dont no what your talking about

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