Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another Great Reason to Quit Smoking

After years of struggling, I actually quit smoking. It wasn't pretty, certainly wasn't easy, but I haven't had a cigarette in 4 months. After reading the Los Angeles Times, I know it's permanent.

It seems that tobacco giant, Phillip Morris needs to kill and torture more sentient beings. Millions of humans dead from smoking related diseases and who knows how many animals killed by the tobacco industry's research, and still more suffering and killing has been ordered. You see, Phillip Morris is paying UCLA to addict monkeys to nicotine, kill them and then dissect their brains. This is supposedly earth shattering addiction research. I think it's more of the same, paying disgusting sums of money to researchers to co-opt studies and torture and kill animals in the name of progress.

Here's a news flash, nicotine is highly addictive. It was 50 years ago and it still is today. It's difficult to get clean of nicotine, but it can be done. There isn't a morally acceptable reason to kill another sentient being in the name of tobacco. If torturing and killing monkeys wasn't bad enough, Phillip Morris and UCLA throw in 14 year old humans. That's right the study calls for looking at scans of the brains of nicotine addicted teenage humans. Newsflash, it's illegal for 14 year old humans to buy cigarettes.

Of course UCLA is espousing the altruistic nature of their unholy alliance with Phillip Morris. These studies are being done to create innovative ways to treat nicotine addiction. UCLA denies that the 6 million dollars handed over by the tobacco giant will influence the results. Yeah, right.
Phillip Morris denies that it will use the results to create more addictive cigarettes. We should all be concerned that Phillip Morris will use the data to addict more of the developing world, which is the huge market currently opening up to it's death sticks. Amazing isn't it? A huge corporation still in business even though it's product is responsible for millions of deaths.

If you smoke, stop. Ask your smoker friends to stop, if they won't for their own health, then ask them to do it for the monkeys.

Los Angeles Times: A Smoldering Controversy

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