Monday, February 4, 2008

Michael Vick's Dogs Find Their Best Friends

Twenty-two of the pit bulls rescued from NFL star Michael Vick's fighting ring, arrived at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. At Best Friends they will live good and happy lives, the polar opposite from their life at Vick's.

Best Friends is the nation’s largest animal sanctuary and a founder of the no-kill movement that has swept the nation. They espouse compassion and life, rather than apathy and death of the humane society and animal control shelter community of the past 100 years. How lucky these dogs are to end up at a place where they are valued and their lives will be good.

Sadly, there isn't a happy ending for most pit bulls that go to shelters throughout the United States. In Michigan for example, being a pit bull or pit mix is a death sentence at Michigan Humane Society shelters, Michigan Ant-Cruelty Society and almost all of the big animal control shelters. There is no reprieve. The most incredible pit bull on earth could show up at these “shelters” and death would still be the outcome.

Why? Because shelter staff is wedded to the past and refuses to try anything new. With pit bulls, they claim they must protect the public. Anyone who knows about pit bulls knows that pit bulls really need to be protected from humans. They are loyal, fun loving dogs who can have an aggressive streak toward other animals. Shelters have been exterminating pit bulls for decades and the number of pit bulls has increased, not decreased.

Compassion dictates that Michigan Humane Society spend some of the millions of dollars they receive on free and low-cost spay/neuter programs. Offer to spay or neuter every pit bull in their service area for free. Rather than using donated dollars to exterminate dogs, put money toward solving the problem so extermination will not be necessary in the future.

Best Friends not only cares for animals like the Michael Vick pit bulls, they also spend large amounts of donated money on low cost and free spay/neuter. Best Friends is leading the way to the solution, to the day when companion animals are not killed for merely showing up in a shelter.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary re: Vick Pit Bulls

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