Friday, February 22, 2008

Plymouth Banning Pit Bulls?

It sucks to be a pit bull. If you have the misfortune of ending up in a shelter, your family better find you in the minimum 4 days or you are dead. If you are lost and on the street, you hopefully will not get picked up by a fighting ring and tortured. Now, if you live in a happy home in suburban Plymouth Michigan, you will be the target of a campaign to be exterminated. Are people really this simple minded?

According to the Detroit Free Press, City May Settle Dog Ordinance Issue merely living in a house may be a crime for the lowly pit bull. Gage, a 2 year old red nose is the target of a hate campaign by the neighborhood. There doesn't seem to be any reason other than, Gage is a pit bull. Neighbors appear to have lost all sense and to be gripped by fear. They want Gage dead, or at the very least, not living near them.

OK, here's the truth, pit bulls are not inherently dangerous. They do not run amok on the streets murdering innocent children. Rarely there is an attack by a pit bull on a human, just like other breeds, sometimes stuff happens. So maybe the answer would be to ban all dogs, since any dog could hurt a human, let's get rid of all of them.

Obviously there must be leash laws and other rules to keep dogs in their own yards. If a dog attacks without provocation, then something should be done. But to ban an entire breed, because of irrational fear and lack of knowledge, well that's just stupid.

Get some common sense in Plymouth, if you are concerned for the safety of your children, consider banning humans, since they are much more likely to harm your kid than the lowly pit bull.

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