Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Carnivores Please Read

Recently the HSUS exposed the abuse of cattle at the giant Westland/Hallmark meat packing plant. Today, Animal Welfare Institute is issuing its report on abuse of cows in the meat packing industry. Meat packers and slaughterhouses routinely abuse sick and injured cattle in order to get them inside the slaughterhouse. Obviously, this is morally reprehensible. But if you really don't care about the suffering of your food, then maybe you should think about eating sick animals.

Face it, sick cows should not be eaten. However, the meat industry is fighting any attempt at prohibiting slaughterhouses from including sick and injured cows in the human food chain. They claim the prohibition would be disasterous to their bottom line. Think about that. What does it say about the food you are eating?

Americans really need to slow down, do some research and think, yes contemplate whether they really want to dine on a diseased animal. I bet if they really think about it, most will just say no.

Animal Welfare Institute study as reported in USA Today

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