Monday, March 3, 2008

Pet Dies In Guardian's Arms, Victim of a Trapper

The Flint Journal in its article, Pets fall prety to illegal traps, reports that a family dog died in his guardians arms while being suffocated by an illegal trap. The trap was illegally hidden in a synagogue garden. Pete Levine went to the garden with his two dogs for a quiet walk. Sadly, 9 year old cattle dog Indy didn't come home. The story is heartwrenching and the suffering of the poor dog and the family is horrid.

The trap was set illegally. The DNR found the trapper and charged him, but the reality is he'll probably walk away with a $100 fine. The trap used, is a conibear trap, designed to suffocate a raccoon or any other animal that has the bad luck to become snared.

Isn't it time that we stand up to the powerful hunting lobby in this state and demand that trapping be banned? It's disgusting and inhumane, most likely practised by backwoods people who rarely shower. There is no need for trapping. Raccoons are the only ones who need a raccoon fur coat. Raccoons and other animals are not menacing maruaders, they actually were here first.

Am I the only one who feels like we are living in one of the more backwards states in the US? Why do Michiganders lack compassion for animals? Why are they unwilling to stand up for what's right and instead allow the big lobbys to continue harming animals?

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~k said...

Thank you for helping to get the word out about this terrible tragedy. I'm sad to say that there has been legislation to ban body-gripping traps in MI on the committee table for almost a year. HB4497 never received a hearing because the chairman is a hunter. Unfortunately, it expires this month. What a shame...