Thursday, March 20, 2008

Some great, some horrible

Yesterday brought the usual mix of great news and pretty hideous news. We'll start with the great. The meeting of Macomb County Board of Commissioners last night was wonderful. So many passionate, intelligent speakers on behalf of animals. It was almost overwhelming. Amber Sitko, from All About Animals, Denise from Waggintails, ACO's from Roseville and Warren you deserve a round of applause. Thanks for speaking for the voiceless. Special recognition to Commissioner Carey Torrice who took personal hits from her fellow commissioners, but without her drive and vision, the outcome would have been more of the same, delay and death. To read more visit: Michigan Animal News.

Now for the really ugly stuff. The news from west Michigan's Montcalm County keeps getting worse. After neighbors took the extraoridinary step of sending video to a local television station, Montcalm County Sheriff personnel finally went to a foreclosed home and found death and horror. The owners not only abandoned their home, but every animal that lived there, in January. All but one very thin dog was dead from malnutrition. A dog died where he was chained to a tree. The neighbors claim that they have called the sheriff and animal control department repeatedly, but no one would respond.

When will people finally get it. Counties that allow companion animals to be sold to class b dealers do not exhibit the compassion that should be expected from our government. The Animal Control Department quite frankly is populated by frightening people who watch animals go to research or be taken to a barrel to be gassed. Why would they care about a farm of dying animals? They don't give a damn about the ones right in front of them. Until the cruel practises of the Montcalm County Animal Control shelter end, the animal control department will continue to exhibit no compassion for the animals in that county.

Next week look for an expose on Montcalm County Animal Shelter. Be sure to get the article as soon as it is posted, subscribe today!!!!!

Story about the abandoned Montcalm animals:

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