Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

ABC World News Tonight aired a story about the astounding progress that the Vick pit bulls are making. Twenty-two of the dogs live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah. Best Friends is the largest no-kill sanctuary in the United States. Best Friends not only espouses compassion for all creatures, but it lives its words. How easy it would have been to throw up our hands and lament that Vick's dogs were too far gone, too damaged to live. Just about every animal advocacy group opined that although it was a tragedy, the Vick dogs needed to be put to sleep or euthanized. It didn't matter that the dogs were not suffering from some horrid incurable illness. The dogs had one problem, humans. But Best Friends fought for life and it won.

In many ways the issues surrounding what to do with the Vick pit bulls mirror the issues facing homeless companion animals. There are some who believe that homeless animals are better off dead, since human beings cannot be trusted to care for an animal. Then there are the lazy and stupid who kill homeless animals because they are just too lazy to try anything else, and the animal isn't worth their effort. Then there's the members of the no-kill revolution as taught by Best Friends. Through effort, hard work and great compassion, killing can cease. Even damaged pit bulls can get a chance at a new life.

Best Friends and Michael Vick's dogs are examples for all the lazy, sad people involved with animal welfare. Things can change, there is no excuse for killing. If you aren't willing to try to help homeless dogs and cats find homes, then step aside and let someone who actually has the ability and passion do the job. Join Best Friends in its effort to bring about a no-kill nation. Finally, thank you Best Friends for leading the way and showing us how to put compassion into action.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

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