Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're Better Than This

Thank you Oprah Winfrey for the thoughtful and eye opening expose on the plight of dogs in America. There is no doubt that Sophie is smiling down on Oprah today. The hour covered puppy mills and shelters. Overpopulation was explored and even a neuter surgery was aired to show it's no big deal. I have complete faith that Oprah in one hour changed the fate of millions of companion animals. Most people are compassionate and do not want to intentionally cause suffering. Education is the key to changing the fate of American's companion animals, anyone who watched Oprah on Friday, April 4th was educated.

On February 5, 2008, I wrote my first article about a shelter, Macomb County Animal Control. Just 2 months ago. Since then, people are becoming aware, educated about the Macomb County Animal Shelter and its failures. Since February 5th there have been lost of promises, and lots of talking, sadly little action. So I agree with Oprah, we are better than this, we are better than an animal shelter that kills animals without even trying to get them to an adoptive home. We are better than an animal shelter that cannot be bothered to take pictures of dogs and cats and put them on so families might adopt them. We are better than an animal shelter that is putting up roadblocks to discourage rescues from moving dogs and cats out of the shelter. We are better than this and we will prove it.

There is a meeting of the Macomb County Health Services Committee on April 10th at 9 am. If you can attend and speak on behalf of the animals, here's a link to the directions. If you cannot attend, please take a second and write to the Commissioners on the Health Services Committee and express your outrage at the lack of progress made by the shelter. Let them know you want action not mere words. We want great pictures of dogs and cats on and and we will not settle for anything less. The animals that are being killed have the right to our best efforts, not our least effort. We want rescues to be able to get photos of dogs and cats so they can help the animals. Photos will allow rescues to refer adopters, make certain the appropriate breed rescue has been notified, in other words, pictures will save lives. Pictures save lives of thousands of dogs and cats every single day, demand that Macomb County animals get the same opportunity.

Tell the Commissioners you are tired of hearing about the volunteer program that is in the process of being developed. The animals are dying now, not just in the future; they deserve our best efforts today. Tell the Commissioners that you will not accept lip service, that you will not accept half hearted attempts to divert, that you will only accept action. Let them know that you realize they are up for reelection this year and unless immediate action is taken on behalf of the animals, you will campaign against them. We are better than this and they will be better than this also, even if we have to drag them kicking and screaming into this century. Remember we must be voices for those who cannot speak. Speak up for the animals because we are better than this.

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