Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gotta Have Faith

Last night while wading through the Michigan Animal Shelter Reports for 2007 I became pretty depressed. I try to be positive and always look for the upside of even the most horrible stories. But I haven't stumbled on anything upbeat in the shelter reports, instead the information is shockingly dismal. I'm not even going in any kind of order, essentially just throwing darts at the page and working on the shelter the dart lands on. Last night it landed on Macomb Humane Society.

First, Macomb Humane Society Board of Directors and management, who are you kidding? Did you really think that by leaving the euthanasia column empty that no one would figure out that you kill an outlandish number of animals? How long do you think you can continue to operate as little more than animal killers. You make little to no effort to find homes for the animals, no website, no petfinder site and no offsite adoptions. Yet you took in about $1 million last year. Obviously you could utilize the web if you wanted. Most of the adoption services are free, gosh Macomb Humane you could afford to actually run your own website.

So here's the positive spin I've come up with. Yes, the state of Michigan is extremely backward where animals are concerned. For heaven's sake I think Missouri might actually be better off in some ways. But, the average Joe Citizen cares, they just are not informed about what shelters are really doing. They just get a sad letter in the mail a couple of times a year begging for money. The internet changes everything. The good news is I can get the information to Joe Citizen through this blog and website. Once people find out the truth they will act to change the way we treat companion animals in Michigan. So stay tuned, read the shelter reports and take action. The nonprofits, the best you can do is let everyone know and do not give them your hard earned money. The city and county shelters, contact your commissioners and council people. Let them know your concerns. If they ignore you, go to the meetings, speak up there. If that doesn't work, this is an election year, find people who will do the hard work and make certain they are elected.

It's time we acted. The information is here, I'm sure we have the will and we know the way.



Lynn said...

Justine - You are absolutely right.
This place needs to be put out of business. I am a groomer and involved in rescue and I hear story after story about how this place won't cooperate with rescues to help them adopt animals out and from person after person with their stories from years ago as well as just two days ago how they find all sorts of reasons NOT to adopt animals out to deserving and loving homes. When I was new to the area and before I got into rescue we had found a dog and called to ask if anyone was looking for her. We were told to bring that dog in immediately or we would be in big trouble--it was someones' personal property. My neighbor had the same experience. I ignored them she did not. You then are told that you have to leave money when you leave an animal there. They bully you if you call naievely as I had done. But I don't give in to bullies. Another story-- a client of mine told me he dropped his god daughters dog off at the shelter the day before. I told him to please get her back out as we could surely find a home for her. The next day when he called he said the family changed their mind and wants the dog back--he was told she isn't available right now. I urged him to keep bothering them about the dog. They told him he'd have t call back in a couple of days. I went with him --but it took 3 days for us to get her back. Where was she?
With a class B dealer on the way to a lab? I had a client the other day who came in who said that Shirley wouldn't release a dog that she wanted to adopt. But yet said that the dog was going to be euthanized. She went back everyday and was told the dog had a fever. The third day she told Shirley I want to see how you're taking the temperature. She said,
"Oh it doesn't have a fever now".
She then tried to charge her for a nuetering on the dog when the dog was turned in already nuetered. The client and Shirley had words and Shirley fired the woman who told the client about the nuetering. Stands to reason if she isn't adopting them out or allowing anyone else to help out with adoptions (stats say the adoption rate LOW ie 8% and the euthanasia rates HIGH) THEY HAVE TO BE MAKING MONEY ON EITHER RENDERING OF THE DEAD BODIES OR THEY ARE SENDING THEM OUT TO RESEARACH LABS) Either way they are existing under the guise of a HUMANE SOCIETY AND THEY ARE ANYTHING BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
People need to know the truth--so that this place is CLOSED DOWN!!!

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