Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I Need Your Help

The website, www.michanimalnews.com is my passion. Through it, I am able to reach animal lovers who can make real changes in the lives of animals. In just a few short months, we have changed the lives of animals at Macomb County Animal Control Shelter. Before the February article about the shelter, not many people knew what exactly was going on, that there was no real effort at adopting animals to new homes that the shelter refused to work with rescue groups and it did not even post adoptable pets on petfinder.com. It took the passion and work of many concerned citizens, but things have changed and will continue to change.

On Friday, the city of River Rouge animal “shelter” was exposed. There is no doubt that there will be changes at that shelter. The response to the article is tremendous. People are contacting the Mayor and I expect a huge turnout at the city council meeting. People are offering to help turn the shelter into something that the city can be proud of, not something that humiliates the good citizens of River Rouge.

We can change things. However, without information, things never will change, and that is where www.michanimalnews.com comes in. We will provide good solid factually based information needed to bring about real positive changes. But without your support www.michanimalnews.com and its mission will die. I would be proud of what we accomplished in a short amount of time, but sad because I know that we could truly change the course of lives for animals and people in Michigan.

To keep www.michanimalnews.com going and to take it to the next level, we must have income. So far, only 14 people have subscribed at the $10 for 2 years rate. Obviously, this does not even cover expenses and I have been devoting almost 40 hours a week to finding and writing the real news about animals. To continue doing this, www.michanimalnews.com desperately needs your help. If you follow the site and support the hard work that is bringing information to you that can change the lives of animals, please subscribe today. I would love to be able to grow www.michanimalnews.com into a real watchdog, with freelancers and investigators working on issues throughout Michigan. That will never happen unless there is a miracle. I hope that you are that miracle.

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