Wednesday, May 28, 2008

In the News, May 28, 2008

Lornich Puppy Mill Dogs - Finally on Their Way to New Homes
The Detroit Free Press did a great thing today. On its website there is a nice article about the Lornich puppy mill dogs and better yet, there is a photo album with adoption contact information. What a public service the Free Press did for the dogs and the rescue groups that took on this big task.

If you don't remember, the Lornich Kennel is a Sterling Heights Michigan puppy mill that was raided at the end of April. Over 60 dogs, 10 cats and a horse were rescued from horrid conditions. Almost every animal needed medical intervention, some more than others. Two, a cat and a dog would have died from pyometria (infected uterus) if they were not taken from that horrid puppy mill.

The miller, Lori Brubaker has been charged with 3 felony counts. She signed over ownership of all the animals just this week and now the dogs and cats can find wonderful and loving forever homes. The timing is ironic since Oprah is rerunning her puppy mill show which aired this year. Please consider offering a donation or some other support to the rescue groups that took on this gigantic task. The money that they receive from adoption fees will not cover the extensive boarding and veterinary bills they have incurred to rescue these animals. The groups are All About Animals Rescue, Jethro's Place Animal Sanctuary, Waggin Tails, Midwest Small Breed Rescue and Serenity Animal Hospital.
Detroit Free Press Article Animals Available for Adoption

DNR Says Keeping Shooting in Milford Township
As expected, the DNR ignored the pleas of residents in Milford Township Michigan, decreeing that hunting will continue. Area residents, fearful because of hunters ignoring rules and shooting near buildings, homes and ignoring no hunting signs, wanted the DNR to close Milford Township to hunting. Silly people, they haven't figured out that the DNR isn't there to protect them or their property or heaven forbid their property rights. The DNR exists to promote and protect hunting. Take a look at their Suburbans, rolling advertisements for hunting. Together with the hunting lobby, the DNR is constantly looking for new ways to get more people hunting. Classes for women, kids, African Americans. Pretty soon, the DNR will approach the legislature and demand that there be new laws compelling people to hunt.

Take heart Milford Township residents, I know your pain. Hunters disregard my property rights every year. They trespass, build tree stands in my trees and otherwise drive me insane with their illegal activity. It's pointless to call and report, no one cares. Hell they probably are giving special points to a hunter who wings a certain animal rights advocate, just to stop me from typing.

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