Friday, May 23, 2008

In the News

Puppy Mill Owner Charged
Lornich Kennels, the Sterling Heights Michigan puppy mill is back in the news. According to reports on WDIV Channel 4 and in the Detroit Free Press, Lori Brubaker, the owner of the puppy mill faces 3 felony abuse charges for the more than 70 animals found suffering on her property in April. According to today's Free Press, Brubaker is going to sign over ownership of the animals to the groups that have been caring for them and they could be available for adoption this weekend.

Hopefully the public will support the groups that stepped in to save these dogs, cats and a horse. According to sources, the kennel and veterinary bills for just one month exceed $25,000. Finding homes for over 60 dogs will be a challenge, but if caring people step forward to help, these lovely creatures should be on their way to brand new lives. The groups caring for the dogs are All About Animals, Serenity Animal Hospital, Jethro's Place Animal Sanctuary, Midwest Small Breed Rescue and Waggin Tails.

Livingston County Embraces Culture of Death
Extermination is the verdict of the Livingston County Board of Commissioners. At the recommendation of chief executioner, Animal Control Director, Ann Burns, all pit bulls and mixes or any animal that possibly could be a pit bull that enter the Livingston County Animal "Shelter" will be killed if not reclaimed by their family in 7 days. The action was allegedly a response to the horrible deaths of 2 people mauled by a pack of roaming American Bull Dogs and a horse allegedly killed by 2 pit bulls.

According to Burns, the policy is necessary to protect the public. Bull puckey! What a demagogue and she's not even a politician running for office. The policy will not protect the public, the policy will only cause more animals to needlessly die. Hard to believe that someone who spends her day killing animals would actually figure out a way to kill more.

What we need to do is protect pit bulls and pit mixes from HUMANS. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs. They are loyal, fun loving and smart. Humans abuse these great animals by fighting them, using them for bait and killing them at most shelters in the state. I cannot think of another breed of companion animal so regularly tormented by human beings.

When will we recognize that killing is not the answer? How sad that Ann Burns and the Livingston County Board of Commissioners are not compassionate or smart enough to embrace a culture of life, hopefully they will quickly recognize that exterminating pit bulls is not the answer. First, there is no such thing as 100% safety and I have no clue when Americans started thinking that the world should be and always safe. It's not. Second, try enforcing leash laws. Go after the offending humans who allow dogs to run loose. You know who they are, they generally are the same people day after day, week after week. Finally, fund and operate a mandatory spay/neuter program for pit bulls and mixes, actually it should be for all dogs, but that is a different story. Reduce the number of pit bulls and mixes. Make breeders pay a hefty licensing fee. In other words, Ann Burns, try being part of the solution, not the problem.

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