Thursday, May 1, 2008

Moving Forward and Standing Still

Standing Still
The dogs from Lornich Kennels are still in legal limbo. They are being cared for by 4 rescue groups and a veterinarian at kennels in Southeastern Michigan. Kennel and vet bills are piling up. The owner of Lornich Kennels has not been charged as of this morning. Charging the owner and filing the preconviction forfeiture motion both need to be quickly accomplished by the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office. We'll stay on top of this issue to make certain that the puppy mill dogs are treated well by the legal system.

Speaking of Lornich, isn't it odd that Macomb County Animal Control did not participate in the raid or rescue of the puppy mill dogs? I find it rather strange that Sterling Heights called in Oakland County and local rescue groups and not the local jurisdiction.

Macomb County Animal Control
Macomb County Animal Control Shelter is finally utilizing Yes, after a ridiculous battle, the shelter is actually adding dogs, cats and even bunnies to petfinder. Let's hope future improvements can be embraced instead of fought. The staff of the shelter is there to care for animals, fighting improvements leaves the impression that they enjoy killing animals.
Macomb Webpage

Genessee County Animal Control Shelter
According to the Flint Journal's Ron Fonger, changes are afoot at the notoriously hideous Genessee Animal Control Shelter. The Flint Journal alleges that Genessee actually has the worst adoption rate in the state of Michigan, which after recently reviewing shelter reports, is a pretty horrid situation. A new volunteer and advocacy group is working on making the shelter a better place for the animals. Oh yes, another place that doesn't let volunteers in, no pictures, no petfinder, no working with rescues, you know the song. Good luck to the Friends of Genessee County Shelter group.
Flint Journal Article

Eaton County Animal Control
The Eaton County Board of Commissioners in response to citizen complaints, formed an animal shelter advisory committee. Three or four commissioners, Steve Heaven, Executive Director of Capital Area Humane Society, Larry Green, Eaton County Animal Control Director and Judy Oisten, local activist will review the animal control shelter operations and develop new policies. This is a very positive step forward and hopefully very soon, Eaton County Animal Control will join this century by finding homes for animals and getting rid of the class b dealer.

Oh, and Eaton County Animal Shelter is posting pictures of animals on the county website.
Eaton County Animal Control Website

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