Thursday, May 22, 2008

Oprah Goes Vegan!

How wonderful! On Wednesday's show Oprah pledged to take part in a 21 day vegan cleanse. She will not eat animal products, gluten, sugar or caffeine. She is on a journey to find out what are her attachments to food and can conscious eating make her feel different. She is blogging and seems quite pleased with the first few days. Oprah quickly caught on, in a blog post she said that she was concerned about what she was going to give up, but is thrilled with the variety and quality of meals that she is eating.

One of my biggest problems is mindless eating. Thoughtlessly stuffing food into my mouth. Worse, I'm not mindlessly eating apples or something healthy, I choose packaged foods, filled with chemicals and bad fats. So I'm going to try the 21 day cleanse. I'm already vegan, but I will not eat gluten or sugar and gosh, I'll just limit caffeine. I will think about everything I eat. Is it healthy? Do I need to eat? Will this food benefit me or harm me?

I've always believed that if people start contemplating their food, thinking about the origin and in the case of meat eaters, the suffering that took place before the food got to their plate, most people would be vegans. We should stop being mindless, instead choosing to be mindful, especially of the cruel life led by food animals.

So just slow down, be thoughtful, explore a new way of living, try a vegan 21 day cleanse, it can't hurt you and it might just heal you. Let me know if you are joining Oprah in her 21 day cleanse and whether you may become a vegan when it is completed.

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