Monday, May 19, 2008

Speak Out and Stand Up for Animals - Meetings this Week

Breed Bans Do Not Provide Safety
Tonight, the Livingston County Board of Commissioners will vote on a breed ban authored by the Animal Control Director Ann Burns. Using scary stories and language, Burns proposes to kill all pit bulls and mixes thereof that enter the Livingston County Animal Shelter. She claims that she is trying to ensure the public safety. It should be noted that there were 2 horrific attacks involving dogs in Livingston County, one resulted in the deaths of 2 people and another a horse.

Murdering pit bulls will not protect the public. If a child's face is mauled by a chihuahua will Burns decide that all Chihuahuas must now die. What about the Cocker Spaniel who bites the postman? Now all Cocker Spaniels must die. Extermination is not the answer. Ann, get out there and enforce leash laws. Ticket people who let their animals run at large. Here's an idea, get your Board of Commissioners to fund low cost spay/neuter programs and actually spay/neuter all the dogs that enter your shelter before they leave, either as a returned stray or adoption. Sterilization will reduce roaming animals by an astounding amount. Instead, the quick easy answer, killing. Too bad that Ann Burns isn't more innovative, maybe she could recommend a program that would actually work and make a long term difference. Instead, she joins a growing list of knee jerk reactors who are not capable of an idea. How sad for the animals in Livingston County. Read more about the proposed ban: Detroit Free Press Article.

The meeting of the Livingston County Board of Commissioner is TONIGHT at 7:30 pm. 304 E. Grand River Ave, Howell Michigan.

Oh how predictable. The Mayor of River Rouge is trying to portray his animal murdering city as Mayberry. For some reason I don't think Andy Taylor or Barney Fife would like that comparison. The Mayor claims he doesn't know how the "shelter" kills animals, guess what Mayor, just ask Ernie - who by the way is not Mayberry worthy. Ernie will have to fess up, he puts them in a barrel closes the lid and turns on the CO2. Don't ask what happens as the animals slowly are poisoned, but it's certainly not something that would happen in Mayberry. Not even Otis in one of his drunken nightmares would think up such as dastardly method of "disposing" of unwanted animals. Unwanted, gosh, that doesn't apply either, because there is no way to tell if they are unwanted since River Rouge doesn't let anyone know they are there.

Tomorrow, May 20th, Joe Sowerby and at least 30 animal lovers are slated to appear before the River Rouge City Council to challenge the city to act with compassion. Join them at 8pm, River Rouge City Hall, 10600 W. Jefferson River Rouge Michigan.
Detroit Free Press Article
The Worst Animal Shelter in Michigan


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