Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Where Did The Dart land Today?

Still sifting through 2007 shelter reports. Yes, I've come across the depressing, Mecosta County for example and the baffling, Michigan Humane Society, and the downright extraordinary, Tuscola County. To illustrate what can happen when compassionate people work hard with the right intention, I'll devote today's post to Tuscola County Animal Control.

Just 10 years ago, the name Tuscola County Animal Control Shelter raised goosebumps on the arms or animal rescuers and animal advocates alike. The place was a hellhole run by a county government that was at times clueless, other times just plain inhumane. The shelter gassed in a barrel and sold animals to a USDA Class B Research Dealer. Many dogs and cats were given to an animal hoarder who happened to be friends of a shelter employee. All in all a recipe for disaster.

Fast forward to today, the gas barrel is long gone. The Class B Dealer is not buying Tuscola animals. The shelter is clean, dogs and cats receive wonderful care and the employees work about as hard as a human can to find rescue groups or adoptive homes for all of the adoptable animals. Transformation took dedication, an innovative spirit and a resolve not to fail. Those same traits are present in the people working to change the plight of animals in Montcalm, Macomb County and now the City of River Rouge.

Take heart activists and advocates. I know at times it seems impossible, even dark and bleak. Sadly, many people resist change merely because they are afraid of the unknown. So act with compassion towards those you are asking to change. Most people are caring and kind, they want to be proud of their governmental institutions, appeal to those traits. Let them know about Tuscola Animal Control Shelter that rose from a hellhole to the hall of fame. It is possible, it can be done, so let's just do it.

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