Monday, June 16, 2008

Canned Hunters Threaten Our Companions

The Pseudorabies Threat Increases

The Michigan Department of Agriculture is woefully silent about the threat posed by “game ranches” i.e. canned hunt facilities. In May, the MDA announced that a shooting gallery in Saginaw County was under quarantine because pseudorabies was detected in some of the swine on the ranch. Quarantine of other “game ranches” did not rate a MDA press release. At least three other canned hunting facilities in Cheboygan and Gladwin counties were quarantined according to the Kalamazoo Gazette.

Shoot them on sight!

The Michigan Department of Agriculture is asking hunters to shoot pigs on sight throughout Michigan. Feral pigs (pigs that escaped from canned hunting facilities) live in most Michigan counties. Michigan Department of Agriculture officials are concerned that feral pigs will spread pseudorabies to pigs living on one of Michigan’s factory farms. If pseudorabies is detected on a Michigan factory farm, exports of pork to other states and countries would immediately cease, crippling Michigan's pork industry. Instead of demanding that canned hunting facilities immediately be closed or that factory farms immediately begin treating animals humanely, Michigan officials go to the old stand by shoot first, ask questions later.

What is the Threat?

Pseudorabies virus will not kill pigs, but does cause stillbirths. Supposedly, the meat from infected animals is safe for human consumption. The threat to wildlife and companion animals is extremely serious. Pseudorabies is fatal to dogs, cats, deer and many species of wildlife. There is no vaccination, there is no cure.

The Answer

How can we allow lazy, cowardly canned hunters to threaten our pets? Canned hunt facilities thrive throughout Michigan, catering to cowardly losers who get kicks from killing. Imagine just how sad you need to be to pay someone for the privilege of killing an animal that cannot escape. Pseudorabies is not the only disease being spread by canned hunt facilities. Bovine tuberculosis and chronic wasting disease have been found on “game ranches” There is no doubt that canned hunting endangers Michigan companion animals and human beings.

We must demand that “game ranches” be closed and not allowed to reopen. Let’s shut down this dangerous industry to save our companion animals, wildlife and human lives. Contact your state representatives and senators and tell them that “game ranches” threaten our state and ask them to shut down this horrible industry.

Article from Pseudorabies Threatens Our Companions

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