Monday, June 2, 2008

The Danger of Wolves

Imagine this, Michigan completely wiped out its wolf population about 100 years ago. Wolves were exterminated because of ignorance and desire for profit. Fast forward to 2008, there are now 500 wolves wandering the 16,452 square mile Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Not exactly what I would consider a population problem. But Jim Farrell, thinks we need to deal with the wolf problem and in an article in the Detroit Free Press he proposed an answer "Hammill thinks a wolf trapping season is needed. A wolf pelt, he says, would bring about $250. A carefully limited season would effectively manage the problems." Farrell allowed Free Press reporter Mike Wendland interview him at his home and Wendland noted the stuffed animals mounted on the walls, bears, deer and other animals offed by the brave and manly Farrell. What a shock that Farrell would suggest adding wolf pelts to his ghoulish collection.

I have a better idea, lets effectively manage the human problem, because if 500 wolves in 16, 000 square miles is too many wolves for humans, then lets do the right thing and move the humans out of the wolves territory. The wolves were there first, give them back their land. Move out.

Ok, for a more realistic response, I did a little research on wolf trapping. It's a pretty hideous business as all trapping tends to be. Wolves are trapped by leg hold traps set to hide in the snow. The brave trapper drives his snowmobile down a trail that is travelled by wolves. Traps are set in a string down the trail. Snow covers the traps and the brave trapper will make certain that the wolf will not see the trap by spreading snow using a sifter. The brave man then drives away on his snow mobile and will come back in a few days to pick up the remains of the poor soul he tortured.

Trapping is a nasty, horrid business, and it is a business. Animals are trapped for fur. They are tortured for the almighty dollar and human vanity. If anyone thinks a trap is a benign device that will not inflict suffering, read the horrific account of the poor dog who was killed in an illegal trap in Flint, just a few months ago. Pet Dies in Trap

Keep Jim Farrell from covering his wall with wolf pelts. Make certain that you check with your representatives and senators, this is an election year. Get a commitment from them that they will not support any measure that would establish either a hunting or trapping season for the wolf.

Mike Wendland story about Wolves in the Upper Peninsula
Michigan Trapping Outfitter

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Anonymous said...

Whoa now... easy easy. There is more to the wolf story than they publish. The DNR, believe it or not, 90% of the time KNOWS what they're doing and have good reasons for doing so. I would suggest reading peer reviewed literature for the nitty-gritty facts, then you can form EDUCATED opinions that are supported with DATA and not propaganda.

CMU Masters Student