Thursday, June 5, 2008

Getting the Lead Out

Ever wonder why hunters seem not to be the brightest bulbs on the Christmas Tree? The explanation appears to be lead. A doctor reported that he bought ground venison contaminated with lead pellets. Lead is a leading cause of learning disabilities and is especially dangerous for children and pregnant women to ingest. It seems that shotguns pellets and rifle bullets leave lead particles in deer. Many of the pellets are large enough to be picked out by hand.

Our intrepid bureaucrats (government officials from six states including Michigan) are meeting to figure out how to spin this to save the hunting industry. Heavens knows we can't have government officials being forthright and honest in order to protect the public. They are much better at slimy and misleading in order to protect the big industry and lobbyists that they are truly working for.

So instead of just telling the truth - that shooting deer and then eating them is dangerous, especially for children, the bureaucrats are going to ask the public to carefully pick out lead pieces before they cook the deer. There will be a campaign to "educate" hunters and processors to remove lead pellets or shoot deer so that the lead will not remain in the carcass and avoid ground venison since it is more difficult to remove the bullets before grinding.

News Flash - Why not just opt for the truth i.e., eating venison is a danger to your children. The best way to avoid the danger of lead in venison is to not shoot deer and do not eat deer. Pretty simple.

Oh how I look forward to the day that our bureaucrats actually do their job and protect the public instead of acting as the mouthpiece for every two bit lobbyist in Lansing.

Detroit Free Press article - Officials Target Lead Levels in Venison

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