Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Puppy Miller Flips Off Court

Puppy Miller Pleads Guilty to Felony Animal Abuse

Who really knows whether Lorrie Nichiow Brubaker is remorseful - she certainly is not respectful of the Macomb County Circuit Court. Catch this, the notorious puppy miller showed up at her arraignment wearing flip flops, with admittedly beautifully painted toe nails. Throughout the proceeding Nichiow Brubaker seemed less than concerned about her fate.

At the arraignment Brubaker pleaded guilty to 3 counts of felony animal abuse, 2nd offense. In theory, Nichiow-Brubaker could spend 2 years in prison and be ordered to pay full restitution of all costs associated with the rescue of animals from her puppy mill. Instead, there appears to be a deal that Nichiow-Brubaker will not spend even a minute in jail and will not have to pay full restitution. She agreed to give up her kennel license and not buy or sell animals. It seems that she gets off with a slap on the wrist again.

This is a very disturbing development considering Nichiow-Brubaker's history. In 2006, Nichiow -Brubaker benefited from a plea bargain. She was charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty and pleaded to 2 misdemeanor counts. One of the requirements was that she pay $3500 in restitution. She did not pay the required restitution and has been ordered to pay it by the July 24, 2008 sentencing. She also continued operating her hideous business, profiting from the suffering of animals. It is obvious that Nichiow-Brubaker does not take the legal system seriously.

Now we are supposed to jump for joy because the Macomb County Prosectutor's office cut a deal with the puppy miller. They tell us that this was the best result for the animals who are now in new adoptive homes. Of course it is a big improvement that the majority of the animals are now in new homes, but the deal fails to recognize Nichiow-Brubaker's recidivism and her disdain for the justice system. The deal all but ensures that Nichiow-Brubaker will (probably already is) operate a puppy mill again. Lack of jail time and paying only a small part of the financial damage caused by her disgusting business do not say, hey, don't do this again. Instead, to someone like this woman, it's a blip on the screen of life. She will go on doing what she does. What she does is earn a huge income off of the suffering of animals.

Let's say she just earned $400 a puppy. We know she owned at least 30 females of breeding age that were housed at her hell hole. If each had 2 4 puppy litters every year, that is $90,000 a year. But wait, Nichiow-Brubaker apparently wasn't content with the usual puppy miller income, she came up with a great scam - pyramid breeding. You didn't buy dogs from her puppy mill, you leased them. They did not become yours until they had the required number of puppies. Guess who got the income from the puppy sales? It is easy to see that Nichiow-Brubaker made a lot of money off the suffering of animals. She will not give up the easy life she built for herself just because of a plea bargain.

There is still hope that Nichiow-Brubaker can be stopped, the Judge David Viviano can impose a sentence different from the one agreed to by the prosecutor. The sentencing is on July 24th. Prior to that date, please write to Judge Viviano and ask that he impose a full 2 years in prison and complete restitution of all costs associated with the rescue of animals from her puppy mill. Keep your letters non-emotional and professional, screaming and yelling at the judge will not do much to convince him to throw the book at Nichiow-Brubaker.

Judge David Viviano, Macomb County Circuit Court, 40 N. Main Street, Mt. Clemens Michigan 48043.
Reference Case No. 2008-002554-FH, People vs Nichiow-Brubaker, Lorrie.

Judge Viviano only accepts snail mail, either hand delivered or through US postal.

Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith, 1 South Main Mount Clemens, MI 48043

*Remember to be professional. Your letter will be taken more seriously.

Article from C & G News

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