Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In the News June 3, 2008

Helping Wildlife Live Wild
Today there was a post on craigslist, someone looking to "rehome" 3 baby raccoons. Apparently the poster took the babies in and now wants them gone. This mistake costs thousands of baby wild animals lives each year. Before you "rescue" an orphan wild animal, make certain the baby is truly an orphan. Most wild mothers only return to the nest to feed. They remain nearby to draw attention of predators away from their babies. So you really need to watch a nest for more than 24 hours to make certain that the babies are orphans. Most likely they are not.

Do not attempt to care for wildlife on your own. First, it is illegal in Michigan to possess wild animals without a license. Next, it requires knowledge and education to properly care for, rehabilitate and release wildlife. Trying to learn it on the web or make it up as you go along is pretty much just murder. Lisa Allmendinger of the Ann Arbor News wrote a nice article about Friends of Wildlife, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation organization. Send the link to anyone silly enough to think they should rescue and raise orphan babies without training.

St. Clair County Excuses Euthanasia Rate
Liz Shepherd of the Times Herald wrote a nice piece about the excuses of the St. Clair County Animal Control Shelter for its obscene "euthanasia" rate and the use of cruel and illegal "euthanasia" techniques. It's the same old song, not my fault, the nasty public is responsible, rescues are evil, volunteers too much trouble and I don't know how to work the camera to get the animals on petfinder, or a version thereof. I think we need to run the old boys network shelter directors out of town on a rail. Get fresh ideas, new energy and new employees and watch things change.

Montcalm County Animal Control Hires New Director
Patricia Lentz is the new animal control director at Montcalm County Animal Shelter. Lentz worked for Isabella County Animal Control for 18 years. It is still unclear why she was dismissed from her job, but she is in place at Montcalm. Let's hope that Lentz is able to turn around that horrible killing field they call a shelter. We'll be watching to see if the CO2 barrel is dismantled, it is illegal. We'll watch to see whether R & R Research continues to have unfettered access to the animals. We'll watch to see whether the animals are treated with compassion and kindness. I truly hope a new day has dawned in Montcalm - only time will tell.

Eaton County Commission Public Safety Meeting
The animal shelter will be on the agenda of the Eaton County Public Safety Committee Thursday, June 5 at 4pm. The Eaton County Animal Control Department is under fire for failing to help abandoned animals despite numerous calls from neighbors. Also, the shelter is another high kill shelter that does not allow volunteers, until about a month ago did not put animals on the internet, refuses to work with rescue groups and releases animals to research dealers. See a theme?

Directions to the public safety meeting
If you would like to get involved with transforming the Eaton County Animal Shelter, email me for more information: editor@michanimalnews.com.

Lornich Kennel Arraignment
The notorious puppy miller Lorri Nichiow Brubaker will be arraigned on June 9 at 1:30 pm in Macomb County Circuit Court. The arraignment is for 3 counts animal cruelty, second offense which are felonies. The case is assigned to Macomb County Circuit Court Judge David Viviano. Judge Viviano will impose sentance if Nichiow Brubaker is convicted.

Directions to the courthouse for the arraignment.

Professionally written letters on the subject of sentence may be mailed to Judge David Viviano, Macomb County Circuit Court, 40 N. Main Street, Mt. Clemens Michigan 48043. Reference Case No. 2008-002554-FH, People vs Nichiow-Brubaker, Lorrie. Speak up on behalf of the voiceless and make certain that this puppy miller will never again profit from the suffering of dogs and cats.

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roxythekiller said...

I brought a beautiful bird with a broken leg to to the Silicon Valley Wildlife shelter, and offered to sponsor it. However, they have a policy of euthanizing animals who can't return to the wild, and kill crows in general (due to misconceptions about these wonderful birds.)

The Silicon Valley Wildlife Shelter lied to me on the phone by claiming that they did not kill animals. They even lie in their brochures, where they claim to keep the animal overnight for observation.

The shelter volunteer, Bonnie, killed my sweet baby crow when she took it into the back room. I know this because I called them throughout that day, and learned the animal had barely been with them three hours before they killed it.

This is why people take in animals instead of giving them to so-called experts. The only thing Bonnie was an expert in was killing animals. Until steps are taken to promote honest dialogue between shelters and rescuers, shelters shouldn't be shocked by people who don't want to trust them.