Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Is Boycotting Montcalm County the Only Answer?

Since I interviewed the new Animal Control Director for Montcalm County, I've been rather perplexed. Is it possible that Montcalm and Gratiot Counties are populated by humans who have extremely different values about the suffering of animals than the rest of the state? Why would the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners decide to send animals to a Class B Research Dealer for euthanasia. Do they realize that morally and legally they are responsible for what happens to those animals? Why is Montcalm Board of Commissioners so resistant to stop gassing animals? Is the Board of Commissioners representing their constituents?

Frankly, I believe that the Board of Commissioners represent their constituents wishes. This is an election year and only an imbecile would thwart the people's will on this issue. It is possible that the issue has not been covered and the voting public is not aware of what their county is up to. Whichever reason, awareness is definitely called for.

For our part, http://www.michanimalnews.com/ tries to get the facts out and although our readership is growing, we are still small. So it's probably time for more drastic action as called for by one of the rescue groups - maybe boycotting Montcalm County and its businesses is the only way to bring the attention to this issue that it deserves. While a boycott might hurt some innocent humans, if it is done correctly, it will educate people in a hurry. The animals being killed by the Dealer and at the shelter need help now, not a year from now. So readers, what do you think, should we boycott Montcalm County? No travelling through the county for truckers who support us, no stopping for gas, no vacations, nothing Montcalm. What do you think? Let me know by voting in the poll on this page. Also, don't forget to write to the Montcalm Board of Commissioners and let them know what you think of their new euthanasia program.
http://www.michanimalnews.com/ Latest Article in the ongoing Montcalm Co. Animal Shelter series.

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