Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michigan Department of Agriculture Reacts in Record Time

My last blog post was Monday night and it was about pseudorabies. I made a statement that the Michigan Department of Agriculture hadn't bothered to let the public know that they found pseudorabies on 3 more "game ranches". I based this statement on the MDA website. I checked before I wrote the blog post - no new press releases. Imagine my surprise when I logged on to read email the next morning and there was correspondence from the MDA press office. Oh my, maybe they are writing about the complaint I filed over a month ago against Montcalm Animal Control Shelter, maybe they are going to tell me that they have decided to enforce the law and stop Montcalm from using CO2 to inhumanely kill shelter animals. No, the press office wanted me to correct my blog post, they think I wasn't fair to the MDA.

So here is the correction. The MDA did send out a press release about the 3 game ranches with pseudorabies. The press release was sent to media on June 9 or 10. The press release was not on the website until the morning after my blog post. The press release indicates that the MDA is requiring the "game ranches" to kill the swine on their premises. There is no recommendation that canned hunt facilities be closed. The press release mentions that pseudorabies will not harm humans. The release does not discuss the fatal threat that pseudorabies is to wildlife or companion animals.

Since the MDA is into transparency and disclosure I wonder when they will honor me with a copy of the investigation into my complaint about Montcalm County Animal Control Shelter. I guess thousands of companion animals suffering horrible deaths by carbon dioxide isn't something the MDA is interested in. We'll never know because the MDA won't communicate with us about CO2. Of course, I expect speedy and detailed communication about the complaint I filed yesterday. Gratiot County Animal Control doesn't comply with either federal or state statutes mandating holding times for stray pets. The shelter also kills animals by gassing them in a carbon dioxide barrel. The person doing the gassing is the local Class B dog and cat dealer. The B Dealer is given a list by animal control director Dawn Little. The list is of dogs and cats available for the B Dealer or as Little put it "ones that he would want". If the B Dealer doesn't take the animals, then "he kills them" as told by Little.

And sadly, knowing our intrepid MDA, the illegal killing will continue.

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