Monday, June 30, 2008

Southeast Michigan's First High Volume Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinic Grand Opening

One of the more annoying aspect of living in southeastern Michigan has been the lack of affordable spay neuter services. I've never understood how so much money could be donated to a handful of organizations and nothing be done to alleviate the high cost of spay neuter surgeries. MHS takes in $15 million and until this year has been virtually absent from providing low cost spay neuter services. Michigan Anti Cruelty has millions in the bank but does not provide spay/neuter services. Macomb Humane takes in over a million a year, yet does not provide low cost spay/neuter services. It's all very sad. Well, it was sad, now there is hope.

All About Animals Rescue operates a spay neuter clinic in Warren. Until last week the clinic has been a wellness clinic providing low cost vaccinations and high volume low cost spay neuter services a couple of times a month. Now, the clinic is open 5 days a week. All About Animals expects to perform thousands of surgeries in the next 12 months, the first step in the hard work necessary to make the tri-county area no-kill.

The prices are excellent. Dog spay or neuter is $80 and cats are $40. Not too long ago a vet quoted a fee of $250 to neuter a 5 pound chihuahua, just last week, a man was quoted, catch this, $300 to neuter a one year old poodle. No vaccinations, no tests, no overnight luxury spa room, just a surgery for $300. Just today I heard that a vet is charging $300 to neuter cats.
Vets need an income just like everyone else. But just like human doctors and other licensed professionals veterinarians have a duty to the public. Charging outrageous fees to sterilize pets contributes to the killing of homeless animals in area shelters. If there is a veterinarian who does not believe that tens of thousands of homeless pets are killed in area shelters, drop me a note and I'll arrange a little educational tour for you. I digress.

All About Animals is pulling off something not even the giant well funded area organizations are doing. They are making a commitment to doing the one thing that will reduce the pet population over time. So please show your support for their efforts. Recommend the clinic to your family and friends. Rescue groups, step up and support the clinic, use it for your spays and neuters. Heck, they are even providing spay neuter for feral cats and have veterinarians skilled in juvenile sterilization surgeries. The only way they will succeed is if we all support their efforts.

The grand opening celebration is on July 8 from 3 pm until 5 pm. If you would like to attend email Amber Sitko, All About Animals Rescue's president. For more information about making appointments visit


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