Friday, July 25, 2008

Do animal rescurer's have a god complex?

After doing animal rescue for many years, I've met many people that run animal rescues. They vary quite a bit, but the typical person running a rescue has the following attributes:

- Women
- Over 40
- No children or children are teenagers +
- Great compassion and empathy
- Dedication to a cause
- Love to be in control
- Not a great "people" person - they tend to prefer the company of animals to people.
- Tend to be a "one woman show" - they run the rescue alone, without a formal board of directors.
- A potential God Complex & here is where it probably gets controversial so let me explain.

They tend to go on in great detail about their latest rescue or an animal that was in dire need, the worst of the worst. They tend to proceed to tell you how they cared for them, how awful it was, how terrible the people were and how they saved the day. It almost like they have bragging rights, but it seems wrong to me to brag about any of it. Personally, I hate to even think about all the horrible cases I've dealt with over the years. They also seem to believe that only they could save the animals, only they could have done it and their way is the only right way. They are extremely critical of other rescues if they do anything slightly different then them. Some can't work with anyone, they loose volunteers frequently.

Here is the definition of a God complex:

I believe these woman of rescue don't really have a God Complex in the true defintion, but they seem to have a certain flavor of it. Some don't, but many seem too.

I also have to say, that for whatever reason, I'm met more crazy people in rescue than anywhere else, this includes general volunteers and people asking for help from the rescue . I'm not sure if it is because people that can't deal with other people gravitate towards animals?

Some people that run rescues have choosen to shut down the rescue rather than hand it over to anyone else. Instead of letting the rescue continue, the rescuer made the volunteers start completly new and spend hundreds of hours setting up a structure that was already there. Why?


Judi Online said...

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Wilbur Walsh said...

You're right. I'm a man and I was a volunteer in a dog shelter for 1 year.
They want to have control on everything. They also hate each other as women, but stand together against someone who hurt their ego. Especially if that person is a man.