Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Horse Racing Wins the Final Leg in Lansing

In a surprise victory, heck we didn't even know the race was on, the horse racing industry stole the show at the Michigan legislature last week. At issue was almost $1,500,000 of appropriations for the Michigan Department of Agriculture. Yes, the same Michigan Department of Agriculture that claims it doesn't have enough money to inspect shelters, enforce laws requiring humane euthanasia of shelter animals. Oh, that's the same Michigan Department of Agriculture that claims it doesn't have the funds to fulfill it's statutory duty to regulate the research industry or the pet shop industry.

The house/senate conference committee was trying to figure out how to best spend our tax money. The Michigan Department of Agriculture is supposed to receive more federal money for the bovine tuberculosis program this coming year. However, the feds are cutting over $5 million for the emerald ash borer program - money that will not be replaced by the state in the MDA budget. So ash borers, start boring away, heaven knows we don't need those ash trees in Michigan anyway. So what did the powers that be do in response to a giant program cut? Why of course, they diverted money from the bovine tb program to - - - HORSE RACING!!!! That's right folks, your hard earned money going down the drain for a bunch of private companies in a dying business. Almost $1.5 million tax dollars will be spent to promote HORSE RACING. Wow, I want those lobbyists working for me!!! HORSE RACING!

Do not fret dear readers, those bastions of society or shall I just say the truth, the profiteers off of animals, pet shops, research dealers, research institutions can continue unthwarted. The money will keep flowing because the funds needed to regulate them are going to that humane industry HORSE RACING. Shelters, keep gassing animals with CO2, heck think of more heinous ways to kill animals because the state of Michigan finds HORSE RACING and gambling to be more important than our companions.

HORSE RACING. What a crock.

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