Thursday, July 24, 2008

In the News - July 24, 2008

Puppy Miller Sentencing Delayed
Animal abuser and profiteer, puppy miller, Lorrie Nichiow-Brubaker's sentencing was delayed. Sentence will be pronounced by Judge David Viviano on July 31 at 8:30 am. Judge Viviano's courtroom is located in downtown Mt. Clemons at the Macomb County Courthouse. Go to the sentencing to stand up for all of the victims of Nichiow-Brubaker's business.

Macomb County Animal Control Shelter
When I wrote the first article about shelters, I chose Macomb County Animal Control. It was a random choice. In February of this year, when the article first hit the web, the shelter did not work with rescue groups, did not post animals on either it's website or on petfinder and made little if any effort to find homes for dogs and cats. My how things have changed.

The Macomb Daily wrote about the shelter this week. Sue Jeroue, the animal control director was featured actually adopting a dog to a family. The shelter is actively planning a spay/neuter program. The shelter is entering an agreement with Baker College that will put intern vet techs in the shelter. The move to no-kill committee has been renewed by the county commission. The shelter is even planning to sponsor a trap-neuter-release program for feral cat colonies.

So when you are tired and thinking that nothing ever will change, take a look at what is happening in Macomb County. One little article on this website, sent to a few people who actually stood up and made a difference. Change can happen. It just has to start somewhere.

Detroit News Article - All About Animals Spay/Neuter Clinic
All About Animals is operating its spay neuter clinic 5 days a week. The clinic offers low cost spays or neuters as well as vaccinations. Cat spays are only $40. Similar ventures have failed in the Metro Detroit area because of lack of support, especially from the rescue community. Hopefully, animal rescue groups will use the clinic and support a great effort being undertaken by All About Animals. Oh and Warren Woods Veterinary Hospital, keep your snarky comments to yourself.

Eaton County Sheriff Candidate Commits to No More Sales to Research
Judy Oisten who is leading the effort to change the Eaton County Animal Control Shelter wrote the following, which was published in the Lansing State Journal:

Reich for sheriff
In the primary election on Aug. 5,
residents will vote for an Eaton County sheriff, who also has the responsibility
of overseeing Animal Control and its $400,000-plus budget.
I, like many
others, have great concerns for the welfare of our lost pets and adoptable
strays here in Eaton County. I feel confident that Tom Reich will work toward
making Eaton County Animal Control a better place for the animals, and for the
public to either adopt or claim a lost pet.
Tom Reich has put this in
writing, along with many other important issues:
Initiative No. 4: "As
sheriff, I will take an active role in and oversee the operations of the Animal
Control Division. I will ensure timely investigations of animal neglect and
cruelty are completed and aggressively seek criminal prosecution of
"I will develop programs which meet community expectations for pet
adoptions. I would never have allowed the sale of pets from the Animal Control
Division to laboratories for research experiments."
See issues.htm for details.

As you know the current sheriff runs the animal control department. He allowed the shelter to sell pets to research, make no effort to place pets in new homes, basically operated a pound where animals were sent to either die or end up in a lab. Also the department was heavily criticized earlier this year for failing to respond to repeated requests for assistance. An elderly lady was taken from her home by protective services. Dogs and cats were left on the property, in February, during the horrible freezing weather. Eaton County Animal Control refused to respond, concocting ridiculous stories about why. Eventually, Capital Area Humane Society stepped up and rescued the animals. Of course the investigation conducted by the sheriff dismissed the entire problem, citing communications failure. Obviously, it's time for a new sheriff and Tom Reich has committed to overhauling the shelter and to banning sales to research. Judy sent a flyer on a pdf that will be on later today for download. Please let your friends and family know about Tom Reich in Eaton County and make sure they vote on August 5.

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