Friday, July 25, 2008

Why are rescurer's so horrible to each other rescues?

After having been in rescue for many years, I've noticed the tendency for rescurer's to be extremely critical of each other.

They seem to look for the opportuntiy to knock each down, no matter how much effort is put into helping each other. Why would people who are so compassionate towards animals, so loving and so caring, want to knock down others who are also trying to help?

I think this goes back to the "Rescue God Complex" - rescurer's believe they are the only ones who can save the animals and their way is the only way.

I think we all need to support each other, even though we may not always agree. I have a very dedicated volunteer who is fairly new but has been constantly critized by other rescues, very unfairly, and now she doesn't want to ever work with another rescue again. I can't say I blame her, I've found more crazy people in rescue than anywhere else.

I've heard people say over the years that we all need to work together. I agree, however most of the time, the rescue is lead by someone who is incompentent, crazy or inflexiable. What a shame! Even the simplest of tasks become difficult at best, a screaming match at worst. The other rescues seem determined to prove that they have the best way, the right way, the only way and clearly we are wrong.

Of course, there are amazing, awesome rescues out there run by people who I treasure, trust and would do anything for. Thank you to them, I just wish there were more of them!


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