Friday, August 22, 2008

BREAKING NEWS New Strain of Parvo Killing Michigan Dogs

Breaking News
According to Humane Society of Kent County (Grand Rapids) Veterinarian Medical Director Wendy Swift, there is a new strain of parvovirus killing Kent count dogs. Because of the serious nature of the threat, Dr. Swift's email will be extensively quoted:

Parvo 2c has been suspected as the cause of death for at least three adult
canines in Kent County and surrounding areas. Two of the threed ogs had a known
previous vaccine history and tested positive on the Idexx Snap Parvo Test. The
most current information on Parvo 2c from the vaccine/shelter medicine
specialists around the country is as follows:
Disease: Parvo 2c is a highly virulent strain of the parvo
virus that is extremely fatal in puppies and adult dogs. This strain of
parvoattacks the circulatory organs approximately 24 hours beforeattacking the
gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, by the time a dog ispresented for lethargy,
vomiting, and diarrhea it is generally toolate.
Diagnosis: Parvo 2c is detectable on the Idexx Snap Test,
but it hasbeen showing as a weak positive on many tests. Viral isolation is
thebest way to confirm the diagnosis, but it is not going to assist
withdiagnosis upon presentation.
Treatment: Conservative treatment with supportive care has
beenrarely successful. Plasma transfusions from recovered dogs have shownto
yield the best treatment success at around 64% survival rate.
Prevention: Schering-Plough (SP) and Intervet vaccinations
have been proven to be 100% effective in preventing this strain of parvo. Ifyou
have any questions in regards to SP vaccinations please call 1-800-224-5318 (SP
technical support). Fort Dodge vaccines were effective in less than 90% of the
tested dogs/puppies, Pfizer wasless than 70% effective in preventing disease,
and Merial was lessthan 50% effective. This data was obtained from an
independentsource, and at this time the only published data is an article
fromSchering-Plough (S/P).
Cleaning Protocols: There are only two products that kill
this virus with a ten minute contact time. Trifectant and bleach (1/2
cup/gallondilution) will successfully kill Parvo 2c. All other products
thatclaim to kill parvo are not effective per Dr. Hall (Vaccination/Shelter
Specialist at SP)
Prognosis: The prognosis is extremely poor. Most puppies
or dogs dieacutely from the cardiac components of the disease process. If
GIsigns are present, the disease has progressed and is most likely fatal.

Of course we will follow this story and bring you any developments.

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Anonymous said...

We had some experience with Parvo last summer. An older rescue puppy was diagnosed the same day I had a litter whelping. I was in panic mode until I contacted Intervet and talked at length with one of their vets. He helped me chose a plan of attack and we were successful at containing the virus. Everyone survived! He said at the time that their parvo vaccine was effective against a new strain of Parvo (I believe he called it Japanese or from Japan or something)I would highly recommend choosing Intervet vaccines (available online) and vaccinate all healthy dogs and give a booster in two to three weeks!