Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pennsylvania Puppy Millers Murder 80 Dogs Yes, It Could Happen Here

In an outrageous display of indecency the Zimmerman puppy mill, located in Amish country in Pennsylvania shut down operation after being cited for violations by the local dog warden. The citations were for relatively minor violations. Rather than fix the problems, the Zimmermans shot and killed 80 of the dogs. Shih tzus, bichons, cocker spaniels and other small breed dogs killed for no reason and it was legal. Read the offical press release from the Head of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture.

There is no difference between Michigan and Pennsylvania. Both states have antiquated laws that allow puppy millers to run amok, research dealers to literally gas shelter animals that they don't want and take the ones they want to resell, shelters to stuff animals into a gas chamber to suffer a long tortuous death. The difference is Pennsylvania's head of the Department of Agriculture is acting to end the madness (ok, thank Oprah for that). Michigan's Department of Agriculture chief, Don Koivisto is apparently oblivious to what is happening right under his nose. Or he could care less.

The question is, are we as a society going to allow profiteers to abuse and harm animals? Profit is the motive for the abuse in the first place, the hideous life at the puppy mill or being sold to a research institution. It certainly saves a hell of a lot of money if you use bullets or gas to end the problem with your product. Heaven knows it would cut into the profit if you actually hired a vet. Personally I'm sick of profiteers harming animals. I even sicker of bureaucrats and politicians paying lip service or worse completely ignoring the issue. I say we stand up for the voiceless and say we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more.

So what to do now that you stood up and said I'm mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? Write the head of the Michigan Department of Agriculture - ask him why his department is allowing illegal gassing of shelter animals with carbon dioxide. Ask him why is his department allowing civilian profiteers, i.e. Class B Dealer Woudenberg, to gas shelter animals on shelter premises? Then write the Governor ask her the same questions. Then write your state representative and then write your state senator. Let them know that we demand action, let them know we are mad as hell and are not going to take it anymore.

Most likely they are clueless about what is allowed to happen to our pets in Michigan. Send links to articles about Montcalm Animal Control Shelter, Gratiot Animal Shelter and River Rouge Animal Control and ask them, why was this allowed in 2008 and what are they going to do about it. More story links:,,

Oh, and don't forget to let them know that the Michigan Department of Agriculture refuses to provide documents or any information about investigations undertaken as a result of complaints. Drop me an email and let me know if they respond. This is the beginning of a movement of pissed off citizens taking back their government. Join us and let them know you are mad as hell and you will not take it anymore.

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