Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Are You Registered to Vote? Deadline Looms

If you are not registered to vote, run, don't walk, run to the nearest Michigan Secretary of State office or you local city hall and REGISTER. Yes, I'm yelling. REGISTER TO VOTE. The Michigan deadline is October 6. There are no excuses for not voting.

It is an understatement to point out how important voting is this year. On the presidential level there is a definative choice. Remember, Al Gore would have been president if just a few more Democrats voted, so don't say you vote doesn't count. Al Gore - George Bush we wouldn't have suffered the miserable past seven years if just a few more Gore supporters voted.

And it's not just the presidential elections that are so important. It's about time we elected people who intend to serve, who actually believe in public service and not people who are just looking for a place to land so they can retire to a fat pension check and a lobbying career. You must vote if things are going to change. You must vote if people have even a tiny chance at beating out the big corporate interests that run this country. You cannot vote unless you are registered and you must do that today.

Finally, if you do not register to vote, please do me a favor and stop reading my blog and website.

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