Saturday, October 4, 2008

Michigan Animal News Endorses Carey Torrice for Macomb County Commissioner

In February, 2008 published The Story of How Macomb County is Failing Our Pets. The article exposed the high death rate of animals at Macomb County Animal Control Shelter and the lack of effort by county staff to find homes for shelter animals. Carey Torrice, a Macomb County Commissioner representing a portion of Clinton Township read the story and immediately jumped into action. She offered legislation to set the Macomb County Animal Shelter on the path to no-kill status. Better yet, after the resolution passed, Torrice continued to pressure for changes at the shelter. She is still working hard to make certain that the shelter moves toward no-kill status. She kept her word, which is a refreshing change.

Carey Torrice is taking some hits from the old guard. The gossip website TMZ named Torrice the "Hottest Politician in America". This apparently irks her opponents and others who ride moral high horses. Sadly, even with the near destruction of our way of life by the morally superior crowd, there are those who will still vote based on something called "values". Carey will not be on their list, but she should be.

Carey Torrice has the exact kind of values we need today. We need someone who will do what she says, no matter what obstacles are thrown in her way. We need someone to take a fresh look at government and demand that it function as it is supposed to. Carey is that person.

The truth is, all of those politicians taking pot shots at Carey Torrice allowed Macomb County's government to fail. The animal shelter is a perfect example. The shelter did nothing but kill animals for years. No one from the Macomb County Commission did a thing about it until Carey read my article. In fact, Carey Torrice is the only Commissioner who actually contacted me to talk about the shelter and how to change the culture of death and failure that permeated its staff. The rest knew for years and didn't care enough to do a thing about it.

So yes, Carey Torrice may have some provocative photos on her website but who really cares. The woman is a professional actress and model after all, isn't she entitled to make a living? We should wish that all of the people representing us took their duties to heart like Carey Torrice does, maybe the country wouldn't be in such a terrible mess if they did.

Carey Torrice has earned your vote, please pull the lever for her on November 5th in Clinton Township. She is running for reelection to the Macomb County Commission from the 16th District.
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Anonymous said...

The shelter below kills 5000 cats and 5000 dogs every year. The newspapers are saying that the shelter are making great efforts to save the animals but only 5 cats and 6 dogs are on Petfinder website. There is no no information on the animals (just a reference #, no E mail to respond to. Are these animals still just another #. We all need to do more to help these animals. What does the Shelter need, it's posted no where? Help, supplies, donations? How can we allow the continual killings of these animals? The Shelter is making it look like they have improved, but have they really? Please bring more awareness to all , so we can stop it....I want to help, where do we start?

Macomb County Animal Shelter
21417 Dunham Road
Clinton Township, MI 48036
Phone: 586-469-5115

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