Thursday, October 9, 2008

Speak Up for Eaton County Michigan Animals – October 15, 2008

Eaton County Animal Control Shelter in Charlotte Michigan is like many Michigan animal shelters. No effort is made to find homes for the animals that end up in the shelter. Until May 2008, the shelter sold or gave animals to research or research dealers. Volunteers are not allowed in the shelter. Shelter animals are rarely on the shelters website and the shelter does not use petfinder or any other internet adoption service. Strangely, the shelter has a rule that adopters are not allowed to meet an animal outside of a cage. In other words, if you see a dog that you want to adopt the first time you can touch him outside of the cage is after you have signed the adoption paperwork and paid the adoption fee.

Obviously, this is government inaction at its worst. The shelter is run by the Eaton County Sheriff who obviously finds this job to be beneath him. The lack of compassion for animals and for their families is why there is nothing being done to save animals lives in Eaton County. You can help change things.

To quell public outrage over Eaton County Animal Control’s failure to rescue abandoned animals and its dismal adoption statistics, the county commission set up an Animal Control Task Force. Its job is to make recommendations on improving the operation of Eaton County Animal Control. After months of research and work, the Task Force released its 18 recommendations. A complete list may be found:

The sheriff is not willing to accept the recommendations so unless the County Commission passes a resolution supporting the recommendations, nothing will change.

This is one of those times when you have a chance to make a real difference in how your government operates, but you must stand up and speak out if things are going to change. If you want Eaton County to operate an animal shelter instead of a pound, then stand up and speak out. If you want Eaton County animals to find homes with loving families instead of living as a lab animal being experimented on until they are killed or die, then stand up and speak out. It is time to make government live up to our constitution. The preamble is not we the bureaucrats or we the giant multi national corporations or we the lobbyists but instead it is "We the People". Let us start living up to our end of the bargain and force government to live up to its pledge to act on behalf of "We The People".

Stand up and Speak out on behalf of Eaton County Animals on October 15, 2008 at 7 pm.

Here’s more information about this issue – a letter that we received
from Task Force members Judy Oisten and Helen Schneider:

Support the Eaton County Animal Control Task Force Recommendations

The following update is from community representatives; we do not speak for others
on the Eaton County Animal Control Task Force.

After February's incident involving the abandoned dogs and cats in Carmel Township, three Eaton County citizens, Judy Oisten, Patti Roost and Helen Schneider, started attending Board of Commissioners and Public Safety meetings. We asked the commissioners to set up a task force to review practices and policies at Eaton County Animal Control and to seek a halt to the sale of shelter animals to research.

The public safety committee then appointed eight people to the
task force. The group was told that Eaton County Animal Control was part of the
sheriff's department and the sheriff would have the final say on the

Task force members were given a tour of ECAC. Some members went on to visit the animal control shelters of other counties. Observations and interviews of the directors, particularly at Ingham and Ionia, revealed many differences in practices and policies between ECAC and the others. Other counties' shelters place greater emphasis on pet adoption (and revenue generated from it), allow volunteers, have business hours that accommodate working people, and a user-friendly atmosphere. The other shelters had already stopped the sale of their cats and dogs to research, and all post photos of adoptable cats and dogs on

Hours were devoted to condensing this information into 18 recommendations, which were unanimously approved at the August 14 task force meeting. They can be viewed at: //

The recommendations were presented to the Public Safety Committee on September 4. Sheriff Mike Raines sent his reply in writing to a special Public Safety Committee meeting on September 25. He opposed most of the recommendations. We appreciate the fact that he did issue an order in May that stopped the "sale" of ECAC animals for "medical" research. Concerned that Eaton County's lost pets were still being transferred (given away), one of the recommendations is a resolution from the Board of Commissioners to prohibit the "sale" or "transfer" of animals for research, including transfer to a Class B Dealer who then profits by reselling the cats and dogs to be used in research.

We are grateful to EC Commissioner Theresa Abed who chaired the task force. She spent many hours obtaining information and communicating with people. Thanks also to all task force members and participants who spent hours in meetings and engaged in beneficial debate. The EC commissioners have acted in good faith in
allowing community representatives to participate on the task force and in
developing recommendations based on updated policies and practices already
in place in other counties.

On Thursday, October 15, the recommendations of the task force will be presented to the Board of Commissioners at a 7:00 p.m. meeting at the EC courthouse, 1045 Independence Blvd. in Charlotte. Pet owners and taxpayers in Eaton County, please
seriously consider attending this meeting and/or writing to your commissioner and the sheriff.

Judy Oisten, Helen Schneider

Prior Michigan Animal News Story - Adoption and "Euthanasia" Statistics from Eaton County


Anonymous said...

I will be there... but the Eaton County Sheriff must be a real piece of work, I didn't vote for him so he must be Republician! These recommendations MUST be passed.

Anonymous said...

This sounds just like Jackson County Animal Care.......and the sheriff must be a clone!

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i like animals

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